On My Journey

We all struggle with similar problems and have similar thoughts. But since it is general custom to not share our struggles, we often feel alone in them. By sharing my own journey - which includes the good and the bad, I want to shed light on common struggles, be it in relationships with others or in our relationship with ourself. 

The experiences and discoveries that I share are triggered by coping with everyday life, by being coached, or by my client’s experiences and discoveries during our sessions, all of which I can relate to in one way or another. Once we start sharing more than just our polished success stories, we realise that we really do all share similar struggles - we are just very good in covering them up in a polite or boastful way.

I hope that by opening up about my journey (that means ‘the unfinished product that is me’), others may benefit from the insight that ‘it is not just me!'