I would like to make the power of coaching accessible to everyone who wants to benefit from it. In that spirit, I offer a differentiated pay-as-you-can pricing structure based on self-assessment of my clients. Prices are per hour and may be subject to exchange rate adjustments.

Coaching via Internet (Skype, Zoom, Facetime)


I make a decent living

Price / hour:
GBP 60
EUR 70
CHF 75
office or out-of-office hours


I'm living on a budget

Price / hour:
GBP 30
EUR 35
CHF 40
office hours only

Coaching Face-to-Face

Prices stated above increase by GBP 20.00 (offered in London only).

Pro Bono

I also offer a limited number of pro-bono slots per year. Please contact me for details.